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Punch Bag Guide

The use of punch bags spans throughout the majority of written history, they’re probably not the first option that pops into your head when you think about losing weight and getting fit but they truly are underestimated.

Boxing in general is an outstanding cardio vascular and endurance exercise; it completely requires you to focus your mind and body to work in synchrony for rhythmic combinations that engage your complete body to tone and define your muscle and drop weight off quicker that any fitness machine could hope to. The endless combination options and different training styles make boxing far less monotonous than drifting along on a treadmill or cross trainer for hours on end and it probably won’t cost you half as much to get set up at home too.

Different Styles

Punch bags come in an array of different shapes and sizes so you must be sure to pick the right one to suit your training. Speed bags are the smallest out of your range of options; they are almost always inflated and are rarely bigger than 10 inches in length. They are perfect for focusing on your speed and accuracy and to help you build up a rhythm with your training, they primarily target your upper body and are great for hitting your shoulders and arms.

Free standing punch bags are becoming increasingly popular because they don’t need hanging up or require drilling into a wall, you simply fill up the base with water or sand, attach the punch bag onto it and you’re good to go. The range is quite diverse for free standing bags with some coming in a full length size which is great if you’re looking to kick as well as punch, others have a shorter neck with an adjustable height for either punching and kicking but not simultaneously, and some are just specifically for punching alone. Be careful to make sure that you get one with a fairly large base to keep it grounded to the floor; the foam bags are also considerably more reliable than inflatable ones which are extremely prone to deflating.

The most recognised out of them all is likely to be the hanging punch bag; most are made using a synthetic or natural leather bag filled with stuffing on the inside. They can vary in length (3ft to 6ft) depending on whether you just want to do punching combinations or knee and kick strikes too, weight varies considerably as well which is an important factor to account for. You don’t want a bag that’s too light or it’s going to have too much sway with every strike preventing you from building up a consistent flow, try to aim for a punch bag that weighs over 20kg.

What else will you need?

If you’ve opted for either a speed bag or a hanging punch bag then you will need a platform, stand or hanging bracket to hang up or fix your punch bag too. A lot of brackets and hooks require you to drill them into a wall but you can also just buy hanging stands or hooks that can be drilled into rafters or cross beams that are generally easier and more convenient to fit.

Regardless of your choice you’re going to need a decent pair of bag gloves to accompany you, this specific type of boxing glove are favourable because they are light so they don’t weigh you down but they provide plenty of knuckle protection. They do however lack on the wrist protection which is an injury prone area, to counter this a decent pair of hand wraps is always a worthwhile investment too.

Benefits of boxing

  • Provides a full body workout to tone and define your major upper and lower body muscle groups
  • Helps to improve speed, accuracy and hand-eye coordination
  • Has extremely therapeutic benefits to help relieve and reduce stress levels and counter the effects of depression
  • Burns calories considerably quicker than treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes
  • Doesn’t cost much to set up and get going and requires minimal assembly

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