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Weights Buying Guide

Weights are ubiquitous in home and commercial gyms, you can use them to serve so many different purposes and they vary substantially nowadays to accommodate for the vast range of uses they are needed for.

All weights have a variety of different materials that can be used, some are cast iron, rubber encased or made of vinyl. Which material you choose can depend on how much you’re looking to spend with vinyl been the cheapest and cast iron and rubber coming at a higher price. Vinyl weights are quieter to use but more prone to cracking if you drop them whereas cast iron and rubber styles can be a bit more long lasting.

Weight Plates

When buying weight plates and bars for home use it’s crucial to understand the two different sizes they come in. Standard weight plates have a 1 inch diameter hole in their centre therefore they are only compatible with standard bars, Olympic weight plates follow the same principle but they have a 2 inch diameter centre hole so you can’t interchange between the two sizes. This is the only real way that they vary from a compatibility perspective, certain gyms and weight benches will be designed to take either standard or Olympic sizes so it’s important to make sure that you get the correct corresponding weights to match that specific piece of equipment.

Barbell Sets

We have a selection of packages in both standard and Olympic that consists of a series of weight plates and a barbell; these packages are perfect to combine with a bench that features a rack, just be careful to make sure that the length of the bar will be wide enough to fit onto the rack on the bench. We always try to provide a range of large and small plates so that you can interchange depending on what muscle group you’re training.

Barbells are great for pushing heavy weights because you use compound exercises that are perfect for exhausting larger muscle groups such as your chest or legs, the only downside is that you can struggle with isolation exercises for definition.


The most versatile training tool you could ask for, dumbbells dish out a close to limitless expanse of exercises for you. They are ideal to put with an adjustable utility bench for upper body training but they’re plenty useful without too. Our adjustable dumbbells are your most cost effective option where you simply slide weight plates on and off a pair of dumbbell bars to tailor the weight to your needs; they don’t take up a lot of space and can easily be stored away making them perfect for home training.

Benefits of using dumbbells

  • Free weights provide better overall muscle development because they automatically engage stabilisation muscles to assist your larger muscle groups and preventing certain areas from become neglected or undertrained which can lead to injury
  • You have more flexibility with dumbbells to follow a natural path of motion which is particularly beneficial for your elbows; barbells are notorious for flaring up elbows because they restrict their motion 
  • Free weights are considerably more versatile then a simple barbell allowing you to sculpt and define every possible angle of your body but also able to add gains in muscle size too
  • They ensure better muscular symmetry as they require both sides or both muscles to lift an equal amount of weight where barbells can let one stronger side dominate the other creating a weaker, unbalanced and out of proportion physique


If you’re looking for a full body workout then the Kettlebell is the tool for you, they’ve recently taken the fitness industry by storm exploding back into fashion and for good reason too. The unique design provides new realms of training possibilities that conventional weights simply can’t provide so if you’re looking to mix up your training and try something new then these come highly recommended.

Kettlebells are available like most weights in either vinyl or cast iron, the cast iron versions are a bit more expensive but worth paying the extra. The vinyl handles can really grate away at your hands making them uncomfortable and unpleasant to use.

We hope that you have found this article useful to read, please feel free to view our full range of weight sets, dumbells & kettlebells.